Michigan House Bill 4029 – Tar Dot357

So coming out of NRAAM and getting back to my normal day to day of political talk and news I happened to stumble on this nugget. Apparently the Michigan house is looking at a bill coming up that would change carry laws for the better. Yes, that is correct, they are looking to institute constitutional carry.

With so many states starting to convert to constitutional carry it makes sense. Our Second Amendment rights should not be restricted by a fee, tax or licensing requirements. This is especially the case after you already have to pass a background check to purchase. Now while this is a big deal, the bill is in committee and from what I am seeing should be coming to the Michigan house floor soon. With that being the case we need to make sure all of our local representatives know that this should be passed.

With all that being said there is another positive coming out of this bill, even though it still maintains a licensing. That is that if you possess a carry license you would now be permitted to carry into previously restricted areas (schools, bars, etc.). The only downside I see to this other part would be the possibility of the bill not surviving due to this section.

So, to be honest we need to stay strong with our representatives and our Governer to ensure that bill 4029 passes and gets signed in. This way we can enjoy our freedoms in the state of Michigan the way they were meant to be.

-Tar Dot357

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